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Hailing from Corona, California, former UCLA Running back Jordon James turned entrepreneur started 3 P's Clothing in April of 2018, but 3 P's Started out as a lifestyle long before it ever become a clothing brand. It's simply an acronym for Prayer, Patience and Positivity. We believe this is the way we all should live.  
The artistic logo of the P with 3 on top of it has everything you want in a lifestyle brand along with a deeper meaning. This is a brand that exudes fashion at its finest. It displays authentic creativity and relays a progressive message that can never be doubted.
This clothing brand is the true embodiment of how we should live our lives. With all the negativity in this world this is the perfect brand to remind us all to stay hopeful and keep the faith. Join our movement! Living life with our glasses half full and not half empty!


Processing with God



Waiting on God with action & a great attitude



Living life with your glass half full


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